Visit Simply bee shop and Observation center in Hopefield 

Hopefield is situated about 40km’s from Saldana and is a quaint little village on both sides of the Berg river which flows to meet the ocean at Velddrif. 

Very high temperatures in summer and bitter cold winters makes this sleepy village the perfect home for the honey bee industry on the west coast. The flora lends itself to honey with a distinct west coast flavor, while the products produced by the capable team at Simplybee is sure to enhance your life in ways unknown. 

Simplybee also invites you to visit their Observation center – the only of it’s kind in SA,  offering a bee-hive in a glass room to observe the bees in their natural environment. Educational tours are offered and there is a coffee-shop to provide some sustenance at the end of your visit. 

You will find more information on their website:

or contact them on 022 723 0569 during office hours.