Sir Lambert Wine is 3km from the sea at Lamberts Bay.  The 10 hectares of vines produce one red and one white – a Shiraz and a Sauvignon Blanc.Close location to the sea and the cool breeze that comes off it influences the flavours of the wine quite considerably making the wine unique.

The name comes from the commander of the Cape Town Naval Station, Admiral Sir Robert Lambert, from the early 1820’s. Lamberts Bay is named after this adventurous spirit who made his way up this rugged coastline in 1926 in order to map it out. The Sauvignon Blanc was awarded a gold medal at it’s debut at the Michelangelo International Wine Awards.

The grapes are hand picked early in the morning by locals in the area to ensure that the unique characteristics of this cool climate are retained.

You can contact them at  +27 (0)27 213-2377